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Life Coaching with Sandy

Live with Purpose, Passion, and Intent

As your coach and your partner we will work through

everyday challenges to develop and achieve a strong

sense of well-being, improve relationships and develop a

plan to live a more balanced, happy, and healthy life.  

Why a Life Coach?

A Life Coach encourages you to live intently, follow your passion and hold you accountable. 

What is the process?

Once we determine if you are ready for Life Coaching (complete the attached form), then we plan a complimentary 15-minute introduction call. The next step is to set-up your first official Life Coaching with Sandy session, an average coaching session runs 45- 60 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?  

This is individualized based on goals and intentions. The overarching goal is for you to feel a strong sense of well-being. This may happen after one session or several. You are not held to a specific number of sessions. 

What is the first step? 

Please complete the “Am I ready for Life Coaching with Sandy” form and return to



I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect out of life coaching, but after my first session with Sandy, I was hooked. It has been more productive and beneficial than my many years of therapy. Life coaching with Sandy has been a game changer! She has given me effective tools to manage my time, my relationships, and my mental health. I’m so happy and confident with my decision to work with Sandy, and highly recommend her services. -Alessandra D.

Sandy has exceeded my expectations with her multifaceted, well versed guidance. I appreciated her attention to reframing my thoughts and desires into a positive action plan for life. The detail that she took in coaching me was inspiring. It shows that Sandy truly loves what she is doing and is very comfortable in coaching on any subject. She has a jovial personality and is very wise which makes her relatable. It is evident that she enjoys helping others. Sandy is compassionate and showed a genuine interest in my goals and desires. She has truly been a gift to me! I would recommend Life Coaching with Sandy to anyone looking to live a more intentional, passionate and balanced life. - Tamara L.

Sandy truly listens and doesn't make assumptions. She focused on my desires, intentions, and guided me to explore all options. Sandy asked questions to understand my objectives, which really stimulated my motivation. Her warm sense of humor and caring personality, combined with her genuineness and professionalism, made it easy to speak with her. I never felt judged, only supported. I believe our sessions were extremely helpful and feel I will reach my goals. -Faithy W


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complimentary 15-minute introductory call, please

complete the form below.

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